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Free Book Friday Giveaway!

You want to get your hands on Hottest New Artist the book for free? Well my friend, I got the thing for you



You have the chance to win Hottest new Artist the book for absolutely free!

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

Because your copy of the book will be autographed as well!

Not only that, I heard a rumor that the version of the book that may be given out could be the brand new Paperback Colored version, featuring full colored pictures for everyone, and an extra picture or 2

Currently this full colored paperback version is only available by contacting us directly, or by getting the e-book version listed at


So make sure to head over to



and get your chance to be a winner! The drawing will be held Friday

Of course if you can’t wait,  you can always head to that “order book” tab at the top right corner,  and get it right now. Then you can enter the contest and if you win, just give it to a friend!

Book Expo America

Hey, what’s been up readers?  We hope that wherever in the world you are, that you’re doing well!!

Speaking of your location in the world, if that happens to be in the New York City area  tomorrow through Saturday, then you should totally come see Hottest New Artist The Book at Book Expo America 2014!

Yes you read that right:

Yes, this guide to making it in the entertainment industry with Matthew Schultz, Aria Tesolin and Mila Franc plastered on the cover, and featuring 30+ other talented artists inside will be there in all its glory at booth # 3005. That will be the Combined Book Exhibit “New Title Showcase”

So they will not only be showcasing new titles, they will be showcasing the “Hottest New” title!
Ok that may of been a bad pun
But seriously though, we would love for you to go check our book out, take pictures/videos with it, and just have a wonderful time enjoying that, along with the multitude of other books that will be displayed at there, not to mention meeting some awesome authors there as well, and much more.

What else will be there, and which featured artists will be there? You should definitely head over to http://bookexpoamerica.com/ and see for yourself. They have information on all 4 days worth of events, and they even have an mobile app as well!
Also you can follow the hashtags #bea14 and #BeaHappy2Read on various social media platforms to keep up with all the up to the minute action!