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Starting the year off with the HNA Challenge

Hello everyone, we hope your 2015 is off to a wonderful start!

Over at PDS Entertainment LLC, we’ve started off the year with a vengeance! The 1st of the year we debuted HNA Live, which also saw the debut of the HNA Challenge, or HNA 2015

Here, let this video tell you a bit more about it:

What songs and artists did we have to start off this 5th HNA competition you may wonder?  That would be these 7:

3 Shots Productions/Publishing Fiona Miss 2.1– Up & Down

Candice Russell– So Much More

Sammy Hakim– Tuck Me In

A-Grade feat. Luu Breeze– Rokkstar

Faire D’Ophelia– On & On

Pastor R. L. Hall– We need Love All Over the world

Mad The Martian– Time Machine

You can listen to and support these songs “ON Demand” by going to our player at (, clicking the menu square in the bottom left hand corner, then clicking the square icon with a microphone in it under “streams”(Desktop) or Selecting the sidebar and clicking “live stream” (mobile) and giving the song a listen, as each play will count as a vote for that artist or band.

Also,  you can let us know your thoughts on facebook, twitter, instagram,  or feel free to comment on this post with which song and artist you like, and which ones you don’t like as well! However you do it, make sure you let your know voice be heard on what YOU want to hear on the HNA Network!

We’re going to be doing this contest for the entire 1st half of the year, so you have plenty of time to get your song(s) into the competition, and compete to become a finalist, which will secure your spot in a upcoming Book, similar to this one:


Also you can get featured on a compilation CD, win $1000’s in prizes, and have your chance to be the Hottest New Artist of 2015!

You can signup and join in for yourself by going to


We already have some hot songs lined up for the next show, so make sure to listen in every other Thursday and Saturday, from Noon to Midnight Eastern standard time, and help us decide who will win the HNA Challenge!

Shining Eyes and rockin women….

Well for starters, if you’re not tuned into the HNA Network? Then what are you waiting for!? We have Ladies in Pop, R&B and Country streaming RIGHT NOW, up until after midnight Eastern Standard Time.

We Got Some Britney Spears,  Brandy and Monica, Dixie Chicks, TLC,  Janet Jackson, and lots of other ladies from the 90’s that you know and love, No doubt about that!

so go and

right now! Don’t worry, we’ll wait.




Ok you’re all tuned in? Good, now you may continue with the rest of the post.
When we’re not Jamming to the women of Country, Soul, or Pop on the network, we going rocking out with our… devices out to groups like Maha Rocks, a group who also happens to be featured inside of Hottest New Artist The Book.
You can listen for us to be streaming songs from  their album “In My Mind” on the network, along with other material

As that picture says, you can go to and download “In my Mind”  for free from them, so I recommend you get on that now, and go download it!

Speaking of Rocking also have music streaming on our network from a group called Eyeshine.  Twizt recently saw them recently at an anime convention  and got an autographed CD from them, and ever since he provided it or streaming on the  HNA Network, we haven’t stopped playing it since!
Oh wait… you want picture proof? Well here you go

Twizt is in the Yellow shirt and blue jacket. You can also see the autographed CD we’ve been streaming music from on the network as well, “Fall seven times, stand up eight”
Make sure you listen for them, and let us know what you think of Eyeshine and the rest of the music we’re playing! If you love the songs, please upvote them and leave us good feedback about them! if you Hate them, please downvote the songs, and let us know what other songs you want to hear so we can use that information so we can improve our station for all of you lovely people who tune in to listen to us!
You can also email us with any questions, comments and concerns at

However you go about it though….


Until next time, enjoy the attic and have a great weekend!

Mark Me A Rokkstar

We hope everyone that listened in this past Friday or Veterans Day enjoyed our Veterans Day #Forthetroops special. We Had a great time in the Attic honoring our soldiers that help to serve and protect the USA, who we wouldn’t be here without.

And you want to know the song that inspired that title “For The Troops”? this one  right here:

We’re going to have more shows being added soon, including that HNA Live/ Hottest New Artist relaunch and we’re almost always streaming music. and If not we have On Demand!

As always you can go check out about that at

and you can always Listen Live

As for current contestants.. there’s still 2 left that we have the cover:

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On and on we zoom Jennifer!

Hello everyone, we hope you weekend is starting off nicely!
We got the weekend started yesterday, as we aired our #forthetroops Veterans Day special on the HNA Network, filled with wonderful music and entertainment for our veterans, and for everyone who wants to help remember them with us

Wait… You didn’t miss it did you? Well if you did, or you just want to hear an encore of it, we’re going to be playing it again Veterans day from noon to midnight Eastern Standard Time!

Of course this will all be going down over on the HNA Network, so make sure you tune in, listen, and let us know what you think!
Actually we’re almost always streaming something on there, so feel free to drop us a line however you wish to let us know what you’re digging or not digging about the network or songs we play, including  upvoting and downvoting songs as they play on the network

We play some of everything, including all of the finalists, winners and current contestants that come through the HNA Network

Speaking of Current contestant…

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Troops, Mad Martians and So much more!

Hello Everyone, it’s been a little while since we last filled you in on things here, so Let’s take a chance to do that now:

We’ve been going strong with the HNA Network, streaming music of all genres all of the time, and running special shows like The Attic  with Uncle P every Friday from Noon to Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

What does Uncle P keep up in his Attic that makes everyone want to tune in you wonder? Well that would be plenty of Oldies but Goodies from the 60’s-90’s.  We’re talking Whitney, Elvis, MJ, 2pac, and many other legends in music.

This week We’re going to be doing a Veteran’s Day special, and we’re going to Air it Friday and the following Tuesday

So make sure you listen in, and help us celebrate and remember the Veterans  that fight for our freedoms properly!


In the Previous post I started covering the contestants we currently have as we get ready to have the current contestants and many more when we go to restart Hottest New Artist for 2015. We’ll continue going through those artists under the cut

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HNA Network: Game on!

Hello all of the HNA followers around the globe.  We’ve been hard at work on a lot as Autumn finally rolls around.

One of those many things include the HNA Network, where we have shows like The Attic and HNA Live. Also, we can have YOUR show there as well.

Remember, #Westreamu & #weplayu over at HNA. you can find out more information over at the HNA Network.

Also you can go straight to
and tune in now, or listen to On Demand by clicking to the menu in the lower left corner, In that menu you’ll also find, games, news and various other features.

Soon we will also be restarting the contest on there, and letting all of you help us decide the winners in our next Hottest New Artist competition. As we get ready to restart the competition,  we figure it would be a good idea to start refreshing your memory on the 9 artists already in the Current HNA competition from last year, who already have a chance to have their story and bio featured in the next release of Hottest New Artist the book, along with many opportunities that we will provide with this placement.

It would be the next version of this book right here:
3D HNA Book Which you can read a sample of and purchase by clicking that order button in the top right hand corner of the page.

So without further ado, lets start the reintroductions:

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Pure Annelise Insanity

That’s exactly what it is these days, all day everyday. I mean chances are you can’t even look at your favorite reality television without hearing some of her wonderful music.

Recently Annelise Collette was featured on “Insanity Check Radio”, where she chatted with the hosts about her music, and about Hottest new Artist the book, which she happens to be featured in:

See? she has a nice bio/story in there, and she’s also on the back cover

Here’s the interview right here:

Trust Me, you want to watch this, it taught us to Beware for the moon!

Wait… Beware the moon? What are we talking about? Watch the interview and find out!

After(or before) you watch the interview, make sure you see these 2 performances that she did on Insanity Check, of “What i’m waiting for” and “Any Way We Can”

As You can obviously see and hear, she is a very talented performer, in a class all her own and you really should go hear more of what she has to offer over at

Also, you can see about purchasing the Hottest New Artist Book directly from her, complete with her autograph

Basically, just make sure you get to know this performer, because she is truly “Out of This World”!

Speaking of “Out of this world”, We’ll leave you with this music video from current HNA competition artists Mad the Martian for the song “Blast Off”
We’re working on new things for the HNA network, and we’ll have more concerning that very soon!

Until then, you can enjoy multiple songs by Mad The Martian, Annelise Collette, & Many other finalists and contestants on demand  on the player at

Famousz Performances

So a few blogs back or so,  we mentioned performances by Famousz during Prince George Community Day


Well without further ado, here’s the 3 videos:

Round & Round


& Wildin

Check them out,  & witness all the fun we had out there for yourself. That is especially evident in Rockin, where you’ll get to see some of the dancing talent of the youth.

Also, you will notice in all 3 videos that the banner For Tamara Bubble & the top 10 banner for Hottest New Artist is evident, along with a Sam Ash banner

Of course, if you want to read all about this performer & former Hottest New Artist Radio show host, there’s plenty of chances to do that in Hottest New Artist the Book! In fact,  he has more pictures in the book than anyone else.

So enjoy these songs from him,  & spread the videos to all your friends,  & all that good stuff, and check out more about him at
and If that isn’t enough music from Hottest New Artist The book featured hip hop, another featured finalist by the name of
Asjislam has a new mixtape out which you can go download that for free at So make sure you go check that on out, and get yourself some new music to rock to.

We can’t wait until we get the current contest rolling again, and get even more entries! More information will follow on  that very soon!

Free Book Friday Giveaway!

You want to get your hands on Hottest New Artist the book for free? Well my friend, I got the thing for you


You have the chance to win Hottest new Artist the book for absolutely free!

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

Because your copy of the book will be autographed as well!

Not only that, I heard a rumor that the version of the book that may be given out could be the brand new Paperback Colored version, featuring full colored pictures for everyone, and an extra picture or 2

Currently this full colored paperback version is only available by contacting us directly, or by getting the e-book version listed at

So make sure to head over to

and get your chance to be a winner! The drawing will be held Friday

Of course if you can’t wait,  you can always head to that “order book” tab at the top right corner,  and get it right now. Then you can enter the contest and if you win, just give it to a friend!

Book Expo America

Hey, what’s been up readers?  We hope that wherever in the world you are, that you’re doing well!!

Speaking of your location in the world, if that happens to be in the New York City area  tomorrow through Saturday, then you should totally come see Hottest New Artist The Book at Book Expo America 2014!

Yes you read that right:

Yes, this guide to making it in the entertainment industry with Matthew Schultz, Aria Tesolin and Mila Franc plastered on the cover, and featuring 30+ other talented artists inside will be there in all its glory at booth # 3005. That will be the Combined Book Exhibit “New Title Showcase”

So they will not only be showcasing new titles, they will be showcasing the “Hottest New” title!
Ok that may of been a bad pun
But seriously though, we would love for you to go check our book out, take pictures/videos with it, and just have a wonderful time enjoying that, along with the multitude of other books that will be displayed at there, not to mention meeting some awesome authors there as well, and much more.

What else will be there, and which featured artists will be there? You should definitely head over to and see for yourself. They have information on all 4 days worth of events, and they even have an mobile app as well!
Also you can follow the hashtags #bea14 and #BeaHappy2Read on various social media platforms to keep up with all the up to the minute action!