Mark Me A Rokkstar

We hope everyone that listened in this past Friday or Veterans Day enjoyed our Veterans Day #Forthetroops special. We Had a great time in the Attic honoring our soldiers that help to serve and protect the USA, who we wouldn’t be here without.

And you want to know the song that inspired that title “For The Troops”? this one  right here:

We’re going to have more shows being added soon, including that HNA Live/ Hottest New Artist relaunch and we’re almost always streaming music. and If not we have On Demand!

As always you can go check out about that at

and you can always Listen Live

As for current contestants.. there’s still 2 left that we have the cover:

So last post we covered Big Bang Zoom, Faire D’opheila  and Jeff Clay, so that leaves us with 2 more, and we’re starting off with:

Sammy Hakim

This talented Singer/Songwriter Actually graduated from School a Year early so she can focus 100% on Music. That just gives you a small idea of her level of  dedication to her Music career. She was  nominated for New Top 40 artist and Breakthrough artist, and has 2 songs that are finalists in the International Songwriting competition, among other honors.

One of the songs by her that’s a finalist is “Mark Me” , which was submitted last year to the radio show

Once we relaunch everything for Hottest New Artist on HNA Live, she is definitely going to be one to watch to possibly win the entire thing, you can count on that!

Now we head up from VA to Canada to  talk about

A Grade

These 2 have been quite busy being rokkstars, and coming out with hot new music Yes btw, we did mean to spell it “Rokkstar”, just like the song they submitted:

They have plenty of material on the Horizon, and their popularity in Canada and around the world

So we covered all 9 of the current contestants. We’re going to restart the current Hottest New Artist with all of the contestants in it and  more, stay tuned later on this month for an official update, and information on how you can enter in yourself! With some of the artists we currently have in the competition and waiting to enter,  I can promise you it is going to be wonderful!

Who will be featured in and on the cover of the next version of this book?

3D HNA Book

We will soon be on our way to finding out!

As always if you want to purchase the current version of the book, you can RIGHT HERE

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