On and on we zoom Jennifer!

Hello everyone, we hope you weekend is starting off nicely!
We got the weekend started yesterday, as we aired our #forthetroops Veterans Day special on the HNA Network, filled with wonderful music and entertainment for our veterans, and for everyone who wants to help remember them with us

Wait… You didn’t miss it did you? Well if you did, or you just want to hear an encore of it, we’re going to be playing it again Veterans day from noon to midnight Eastern Standard Time!

Of course this will all be going down over on the HNA Network, so make sure you tune in, listen, and let us know what you think!
Actually we’re almost always streaming something on there, so feel free to drop us a line however you wish to let us know what you’re digging or not digging about the network or songs we play, including  upvoting and downvoting songs as they play on the network

We play some of everything, including all of the finalists, winners and current contestants that come through the HNA Network

Speaking of Current contestant…

We’re continuing to go through all of the current contestants, that will still be a part of The Hottest New Artist competition once we relaunch it. In the Previous Post we talked about Candice Russell and Mad The Martian

So without further ado, we’re starting off this time with

Big Bang Zoom

BB Zoom Has a International Songwriters award to his credit, and with honors like that, i don’t think his career is going to be falling anytime soon

And if he does fall, of course we know he’ll be caught, just like his song he submitted “Catch Me If I Fall”

The Next groups comes to us from Australia, and they go by the name

Faire D’Ophelia

This celtic/medieval acoustic trio have been writing and studying music for years now, and it shows in the power and feelings projected in their songs. One of these such songs is the one they submitted to us, called “On and On”

On there page they say “Let us enchant your soul and enrich your minds! ” Well listening to their music, it’s no doubt in our minds that’s exactly what their music will do

Now we move on to talk about 1 more contestant in this current HNA that will be a part of the restart,

Jeff Clay

The song heThis Alice Cooper’s “Proof Is In The Pudding” finalist known for his “Late Night Concerts, and has been working with award winning producers, so you should be on more hits like this song he submitted called Jennifer

We’ll be covering the final 2 contestants next time around, as we remind you of all of them before the new contestants join them in the competition restart

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