Troops, Mad Martians and So much more!

Hello Everyone, it’s been a little while since we last filled you in on things here, so Let’s take a chance to do that now:

We’ve been going strong with the HNA Network, streaming music of all genres all of the time, and running special shows like The Attic  with Uncle P every Friday from Noon to Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

What does Uncle P keep up in his Attic that makes everyone want to tune in you wonder? Well that would be plenty of Oldies but Goodies from the 60’s-90’s.  We’re talking Whitney, Elvis, MJ, 2pac, and many other legends in music.

This week We’re going to be doing a Veteran’s Day special, and we’re going to Air it Friday and the following Tuesday

So make sure you listen in, and help us celebrate and remember the Veterans  that fight for our freedoms properly!


In the Previous post I started covering the contestants we currently have as we get ready to have the current contestants and many more when we go to restart Hottest New Artist for 2015. We’ll continue going through those artists under the cut

So we’re going through the current contestants  in the order that they submitted their 1st song to Hottest New Artist last year.  The previous post featured Caroline Dare and Miss Fiona 2.1, so now lets continue with:

Candice Russell

This singer was singing “Jesus Loves Me” with perfect pitch as a one year old, and was on American Idol as a Teenager, among many other accomplishments in this 21 year old’s career.  I think it’s safe to say that she has So Much more planned in her career, and that she’s only getting started.
Speaking of “So Much More”, that happens to be the name of the song she submitted to the HNA Radio Show last Summer:

That was a live performance she did on a television. It’s pretty clear to see and hear the talent  she has, and I’m sure even more people on Earth will be knowing her name soon enough.

Now to talk about a group who i’m sure is known some other places around the Universe, and is looking to take over Earth, that would be

Mad The Martian

These guys have definitely been “Living Out Loud”,  which also is a song of theirs that won them the best alt songwriter award at the Indie Music Channel Awards.

Also the songs of these vintage musical gear collectors has been getting rave reviews all over the place, and They are working on another wave of music to assist with their musical invasion, so we’ll be making sure to keep our eyes and ears focused on them

We still have 5 other current contestants to go through. which we’ll be doing in upcoming posts. You can hear music from all of these contestants streaming live on the HNA Network, and on our On Demand list we have featured there.

There will be more details on the continuation of this contest very soon, as we look to see which artists will be featured  in the 2nd edition of Hottest New Artist The Book!

vintage gear collectors,

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