Book Expo America

Hey, what’s been up readers?  We hope that wherever in the world you are, that you’re doing well!!

Speaking of your location in the world, if that happens to be in the New York City area  tomorrow through Saturday, then you should totally come see Hottest New Artist The Book at Book Expo America 2014!

Yes you read that right:

Yes, this guide to making it in the entertainment industry with Matthew Schultz, Aria Tesolin and Mila Franc plastered on the cover, and featuring 30+ other talented artists inside will be there in all its glory at booth # 3005. That will be the Combined Book Exhibit “New Title Showcase”

So they will not only be showcasing new titles, they will be showcasing the “Hottest New” title!
Ok that may of been a bad pun
But seriously though, we would love for you to go check our book out, take pictures/videos with it, and just have a wonderful time enjoying that, along with the multitude of other books that will be displayed at there, not to mention meeting some awesome authors there as well, and much more.

What else will be there, and which featured artists will be there? You should definitely head over to and see for yourself. They have information on all 4 days worth of events, and they even have an mobile app as well!
Also you can follow the hashtags #bea14 and #BeaHappy2Read on various social media platforms to keep up with all the up to the minute action!


“Rockin” and rolling along

We’re definitely rocking and rolling, in more ways than 1.  a couple of Saturdays ago we had a blast at Prince George Community Day. Especially since there was no rain! It was just a nice enjoyable, fun filled day, with plenty of vendors, good food, the animal shelter, and just plenty of other things that we wish you all were there with us to see.

We were told at the end that everyone appreciated the variety of songs we played, which of course they would, as we played lots of various music then, including a lot  HNA Finalists & contestants from over the years, and all of the submissions for the current HNA competition including  Sammy Hakim’s brand new anti bulling song “Tuck Me In”  

 Watch the video above & pickup that song,  plays & proceeds help benefit anti bullying charities.

With a lot of young youth at that event, anti bullying songs like that one & “For Our youth” by Freddy Jackson were perfect choices for play at the event.


When we weren’t rockin out to those & some of our other many finalists, we had live music from  original HNA Radio show DJ Famousz.   famousz

Famousz did not 1, but 3 songs Live,  including “Round & round” “Rockin” & “Wildin”. Videos will be edited & uploaded of all of these in the near future, so be on the lookout for that.

In the meantime, if you want to see More of him, there’s a nice writeup and several pictures of him in… Where else, Hottest New Artist The Book! If you haven’t picked it up now, then seriously, what are you waiting for?

They loved us entertaining them at that event. So much so that we’re already invited back for next year! We also have several other events upcoming, which we’ll have more details for in the next couple of weeks.   We hope everyone is having a wonderful week, & that the weather is cooperating with you wherever you may be at in the world!